Sunday, July 13, 2008


Janet of the River Inn said that they are continuing to have Sunday Music as usual. Get out there an support BIG SUR!

Sofanya is back in her newly reinvented Gallery.

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Anonymous said...

Yes...welcome back...but:

I would hope that people coming to Big Sur to 'see' what happened would be respectful of the 'aftermath' mode that the land and the people are in there. I have heard from two people who were dealing with the aftermath of the fire in their personal lives who had 'looky-loos' drive up and try to engage them in conversation..asking questions, taking pictures, etc.

By all means, visit Big Sur, have a burger, take pictures...but please respect what the residents are going through and give them room to grieve and begin the recovery effort. Better yet, nicely ask if you can help in any way, and if not, get out of the way, and give the area a chance to recover.

And...if a road has a sign that states: 'road closed', 'keep out', 'private' or 'no trespassing' then DON'T drive there! These signs mean something. Respect that. Some signs are there for YOUR protection...the road may be dangerous. So, don't become a nominee for a "Darwin Award" by being stupid or acting 'entitled' to entry. Besides, the land needs to recover as well...give it a chance.

Anonymous said...

It seems the context Dave's entry was taken out of context:

"Have some respect", Your comment sounds respectful in a backhanded way. The Sur desperatly needs 'lookie loos' right now for whatever reasons.

Please don't chase off the tourist traffic that the Sur is in need of via your harsh words.

There will always be the one or two tourists that will do something stupid, but for the most part the tourists that are heading to Sur now aren't gawkers.

The tourists are there to spend their money to help business get back on their feet, at a time when the Sur needs it most.

There have always been people that walk or drive past the 'do not enter', 'private property' or 'no tresspassing' signs. Some delibertly, others not realizing their mistake.

Take everything in stride at the moment and let Big Sur heal.


If I wasn't homebound after having suffered a recent heart attack, I would be down there helping people rebuild.

I am grateful to see the Sur pulling through this latest tragedy with a spirit so pure of heart.

Thank God for so many loving people. :)

Anonymous said...

Home sweet home... boy Kenny sure let 'em have it! Used to be he bore quite a striking simalarity to a certain iconic peace officer from Mayberry-- well maybe he still does but he sure gave 'em the old heave ho on that one. Thanks, Kenny...

Anonymous said...

ytnjtmWere coming up soon for our family vacation and to show the kids how wonderful Big Sur is. Many people in California have been touched by all of the fires burning now and in the past. People are going to look and people want to help. We don't know what you need unless you communicate it. Some of these comments may keep tourist away, which I don't think would be good for business. Is it bad to take pictures and to ask question?