Sunday, July 6, 2008

Support and Supplies for those inside BIG SUR ZONE

Advice,Support and Supplies

SUPPLIES: If you or someone you know needs supplies inside the "Zone" do not post them here. E-mail me directly at or call 831-899-Susan (7872)

LEGAL ADVICE: Two attorneys have said-Document as much as you can from inside. Write down licence plates, names of authorities, log as much as you can. Take photos, audios, and videos.

WHEN LEAVING THE ZONE: Try to go out in pairs so that there is a witness to anything that might happen. The Penal Code can get you for entering or re-entering the Zone but not for leaving.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE: Though you may feel isolated and if it is a police state, you are not alone. There are many well wishers supporting you and coming up with new ways to help you reach your goals and keep you safe. WE have heard wonderful tales of support from people as well as tales that make us cringe. Keep communicating with us on the outside.

Post Comments and Questions for those inside the Zone. Here.


Anonymous said...

To all in the "zone": carry on, stay safe, and I support your decisions to stay whole-heartedly! I have only my thoughts to send to you, but I am doing that constantly. I read all your posts..THANK YOU! When the fire is "done", I will be there to help. Take care...

Anonymous said...

Blessings on all who have stayed! You are in my thoughts!