Sunday, July 6, 2008

Adopt a Sheriff

This excerpt from brings up some great points!!
I was intimately involved in the activities in and around the fire, and in particular, partington ridge. firefighters from various states were there, and fought hard to protect properties, and the future of the community. Throughout big sur they have dedicated their energies to save various structures and land.

I saw how some of these crews worked so hard, I see their dedication to properties belonging to people they have never met before.

We cannot malign those who see an obvious danger, and perhaps no escape route. who can blame them? I would not go where my life is at risk.

All that said, the Monterey county sheriff's department has shown some incredibly rude behavior to our residents. With very little understanding about our small community of big sur, some deputies have swung in, threatening and verbally sparring, with no sympathy or awareness to who lives here.

we are not a bunch of hippies living in a wild wilderness area. we expect some respect and human response. Doesn't everyone?

In a situation like this, we all need a cup of human kindness - give the people some space, and a little more consideration. we ALL need to work together on this...

adopt a sheriff today = be kind to that one person, and let's see what change we can make happen.
Rock on big sur


Anonymous said...

I hope all who choose to stay-know what could happen if wind picks up and temp gets hotter.-fire comming down hill is a lot deffent than when it stats going up hill with wind and hotter temp.Does everyone have a safe area to retreat to?--911 is not a phone call away anymore.lets not let our selfs get caught with our pants down.(sheriff may arrest us for indecent exposure).-living in big Sur,we should be prepared to be independent-hope all are.---- do have 1/2 a tree anyone can borrow,you hold in one hand as you walk hwy. to nieghbors home, sheriff will never notice you. be safe and thanks

Anonymous said...

Thank you for looking after Sofanya White for us all. She is a true treasure, like yourself. I have recieved an update from Sofanya today in my email and was pleased to hear she is doing well so far.

We are praying for you all. Pennie aka: pendoodles

Anonymous said...

Supporting any and all of you has been an incredible pleasure. I have always told my friends not to ask me to water their flowers while they are on vacation but if they get stuck on a road in the middle of nowhere...I will do whatever it takes to get them out. That is when I am the most creative. I have learned so many things during these days..for example: My mantra after helping people evacuate was this: When in doubt, Take it out.
When you are being evacuated...and people want to help you...just say YES!!! Let them help you secure your possessions. In the moment you can be very spiritual and think...well, I really don't "need" all of these things. But later, if it is totally gone, you will be thinking...darn it...why didn't I think to take that with me. or Wow! I didn't know just how much it cost to buy all new kitchen items, pot-n-pans etc...
I have been blessed to really get to know people so much better as a result of supporting others. They have gotten to know me also.

An amazing gift that I didn't predict was experiencing art in such a different way. By rescuing artwork from galleries, and homes and finding homes for them on walls and in different places, I had the privilege of experiencing these wells of creativity in a totally different context than I have when they on a wall next to other pieces that are also waiting for a home.
Sofanya graciously gifted me with a small painting that I can't take my eyes off of in my kitchen.
Somehow sitting in the gallery, I didn't notice it as much as I have with it perched on my wall. I think more artists should use the puppy dog close...where you let someone take the art home and put it on their walls...I promise you they won't want to bring it back!!! And you just made a sale.
My love to all of you! YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!

Anonymous said...

Thankyou to anonymous who provided the most clever and hilarious commentary...and is so far voted our most favorite comment....The 1/2 tree idea to get help to neighbors. Everyone that we have read the comment too has laughed out loud uncontainably from their navel to their nose...It was simply put the best comic relief ever and WE ALL NEEDED IT!