Saturday, July 19, 2008

At Esalen Today

I am at Esalen today.  There are guests here from all over.  Three different workshops.  Gestalt Singing.  A couples workshop and a massage workshop.  It feels great to be back and there is a HUGE sign that says...Welcome Back Esalen Tribe.  I just spoke to Gordon Wheeler who looked great and ready to take on anything else that might happen in the area. If you haven't read his fire blog on Esalen's site.  It's still worth reading.  

Ruby the kitty, is still in charge and roaming about.  A stellar blue jay was just caught drinking water out of the fountain.   The sign in the lodge for breakfast read:  Wake up Sleepyheads to another wonderful breakfast at Esalen.

  If there are any of you here who have read the blog and happen to be in Esalen today...come and get a hug from me and meet my Dutch friend Emil, who wrote a fantastic book on Somatologie.  I will be helping translate from Dutch to English.  Have Emil read  your bone structure and what it says about you.  

The garden's are gorgeous as usual but there seems to be just a slight subduedness, kind of a quietness here ...a tip tip tip toeing of the return. Guests are saying how dramatic it looks to see areas without the lush vegetation that was once there.  Not everyone is back just yet...but soon...but soon....

It's a bit foggy yet this morning, I have to go...Esalen is calling and I must find out if that massage class needs any volunteers.   hmmmmm

Keep writing and sharing your thoughts and needs on this site.  Reach out and love someone today!