Saturday, July 5, 2008

LODGING FOR EVACUEES-yes some people still can't go home 7/10

If you have a room for rent, for free, for trade, etc...Please Post it here.
We are currently still housing evacuees as Esalen still isn't able to bring back their people. Remember these people have now been out of work for nearly three weeks. Let's help them as much as we can.

Be specific. Try finding a match for your space. Do you accept pets? Do you have pets and does anyone have pet allergies?

I have found it helps to ask where they were employed and what their needs are if any. We have a father daughter combo, singles who snore, some who don't, some who love sleeping on a couch...hey after all they slept in a tent in Big Sur for a long time. Some who need more quiet and privacy than others. Everyone wants to help in some way...washing dishes, cleaning up,and it has been so appreciated.

In our house, people see each other in the mornings for a bit and then pretty much disappear for most of the day and then come back together again after the nightly meeting.

It has really been a blessing to house more than just one person in our house, adding a few one night, subtracting another night. So, if you have a place for people to live, let us all know.

And, is this temporary? short term? long term?