Monday, July 7, 2008

HWY 1 STILL ONLY OPEN for Residents

At Monday Nights Meeting, it was announced that HIGHWAY ONE will reopen for RESIDENTS and EMPLOYEES ONLY from Palo Colorado Canyon to Julia Pfeiffer Burns. On Wed, the mandatory closure was changed to soft closure down to Esalen.
Don't forget our South Coast Friends and those at Esalen!
Susan Bradley RN

Update: Thursday: Long time resident Laurie states: I went back home but ended up returning to PB stay with my best friend as it's just not that great to be back in that environment. I made sure when I left for the mandatory evacuation that I took some clothes and plans for some updates that cost me 10k~!

OUR NOTES FROM BIG SUR NOW: We don't think people should be in such a big hurry to bring back their things. Remember that this is the beginning of fire season. Take your time making decisions and remember that you can be evacuated again.

Update: Wed--residents state...they feel the effects of the smoke in their lungs and need to take a break from the area still.

Update 5:43 pm Tuesday: Very SMOKY in Palo Colorado Canyon today. Take a break from the smoke. Some people say that it's making them sneeze. I took Claritin for it and that took care of that.

Drive Slowly in Big Sur. We heard reports of Sheriff's running licence plates in Sur.

Passes for those who live/work on the East Side of HWY 1 will be available starting Wed at the MAF.

COMMUNITY MEETING IS AT THE MAF tonight. CPOA checks will be distributed there ahead of time. The Red Cross Shelter was disbanded last Wed night and support services from many agencies will be at the GRANGE HALL in Big Sur.


Anonymous said...

Talked with the boys on apple pie and they said it is only open to residents on the WEST side of the highway only....

Anonymous said...

If you show proof of living on the East side of HWY ONE, you will be allowed into that area. The Sheriff's will have blockades to certain areas on the East side of Hwy One.

This is a collaborative effort between citizens and the firefighters and officials that are still putting out embers and doing clean up.

Meetings will now resume back at the MAF each night.

Anonymous said...

In the excitement of the return home, let's not forget those that will still be under mandatory evac: JPB to Lucia (Esalen, Big Creek, etc.), and what they may need. Everybody take extra supplies....

Anonymous said...

Keith Harlan called me tonight to say that he was happy for all you north coasters but he was TICKED OFF about not being able to get to town yet.

I am putting ticked off mildly. HE said...of course us SOUTH COASTERS GET LEFT OUT AGAIN!

Anybody have a 1/4 or a half of a tree that he can use to get to the JFB so someone can give him his mail that has been stuck at the Post Office for two weeks?

Sorry all you South Coasters...we hope to see you sooner rather than later.

Rogi said...


You can email me privately at rriverstone at ya hoo dot com to reply.


Rogi Riverstone

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Anonymous said...

I just spoke (7 am) with someone at Buck Creek..he's exhausted and very close to running out of gasoline to run his generater to have phones etc. These people south of JPB need help! Let's focus on that this morning...the fire is RIGHT THERE down there...

Post on Surfire this am:


For Anyone : Esalen -- Still Challenged by Fire
Type of Notice: Announcements

As of 10:30 p.m. Monday, the fire in Hot Springs Canyon above Esalen is putting on a show.

Over the next 2-3 days as the winds vacillate, the folks who stayed at Esalen to fight the fire may face some real challenges.

Esalen is not entirely out of the woods yet. Please keep them in your hearts and minds, even as the mandatory evacuation is lifted for points north.

And don't let the firefighters forget them either!


Email from a friend at Esalen at 12:15am Tuesday...

"The slow burn in Hot Springs Canyon heated up just as the Esalen team was finishing coating the water tanks with fire retardant gel. The Canyon House had been gel'ed earlier. We then watched the fire burn through that area where the water system is located. This is the 23rd anniversary, maybe even to the very day, that the Rat Creek fire burned this same part of the Canyon. It's dark now so that it can't be determined yet what the damage is. The fire burned more intensely than anything I've seen so far, with redwoods going up in torches shooting flames and sparks hundreds of feet into the air. It's easy to see how all the dangerous outlying smaller fires get ignited by this shower of embers. The south wall of the canyon is continuing to burn towards the highway. There are smaller fires in the floor of the canyon. During the day they are marked by plumes of smoke, and in the night their flames can be seen. An Office of Emergency Services Strike Team from Santa Maria is on site. It's not a question of trying to 'fight' the fire. The strategy is to let it burn as there isn't really a practical alternative in this rugged country. In the dark no less. The important thing is to prevent its crossing the highway. It looks like the main event is ...taking place right now. Looks like it could be a long night."

BigSur_Susan said...

The Buck Creek residents are now taken care of. Woohoo!

BigSur_Susan said...

Please drive slow. We heard that the Sheriff is running licence plates down there. We really need to all work together during this time.

Anonymous said...

Susan...the person we discussed who's at Buck Creek..taken care of?

Anonymous said...

Let's be safe and not forget the 'Other' fronts!

The fire is still burning to the North, South, and East, and our neighbors in Palo Colorado, Tassajara, CV, and South are still threatened. Let's not forget to support them and look out for them in our rush to "re-open" Big Sur. Check in with people you know in those areas, and see how they are doing and what they might need.

And let's be safe and sure about the re-opening; the people in the Butte Fire re-entered their town, but had to totally evacuate again. Fire is fickle and powerful. Yes, the fire is 'controlled' as far as we can see, and yes, the economic damage done is immense, and continues to grow, and we need to get back on track asap, but let's be safe and sure...we are responsible for our guests' safety as well as our own. Let's take our time, within reason, and be safe and sure!