Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Do you have services to offer the community to help rebuild?

Hello all...Start posting here if you are available for work whether in fire clean-up, handyman work, hauling supplies to Big Sur, construction, or whatever.

Have truck and am available for Hauling and helping with demolition at a reduced rate. Tile work too!
David Nicholson Have great references. 831-392-7909

If you have services or need someone to hire either send them to my email at or post it as a comment on this blog.


Anonymous said...

My name is Joshua. I used to live and work in Big Sur a couple of years ago in the summer. It affected me deeply. I am planning on returning to Big Sur to help any way I can.

As I still need to support myself I am looking for any work that provides housing, then volunteer in my spare time. I have handy man skills, building skills, and all around hard worker skills. I currently have been traveling throughout the country and have a conversion van that doubles as my home. Don't need much just a home base and an opportunity to help.

I love the area and would do anything to help. The jade around my neck is burning and will until I reunite it with its people.

bigsur_dave said...

When are you coming back to help Joshua? Contact us directly and we can find a match for your services. Namaste'