Saturday, July 26, 2008

UPDATES on the Fire Front, Soft Rd Closures, Food Specials

Sunday 7/26 While sitting at the Pebble Beach -Beach was evident that backfires and other fires were still happening in the Carmel Valley. Large smoke plumes noted. Fire has become and everyday occurence.

Sat 7/25 State Parks to Reopen Camping in Big Sur July 25
Location: Big Sur

Type of Notice: Official Notices

State Parks to Reopen Camping in Big Sur

BIG SUR - Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park will re-open for camping on July 25, 2008. The State Parks in Big Sur were closed recently as fire from the Basin Complex Fire moved through the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park and Andrew Molera State Park during different phases of the Basin Complex Fire. Refunds for campers who had reserved campsites in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park Campground had been authorized up until July 24, 2008. While there are still significant areas of these parks closed because of fire damage, the majority of the visitor serving facilities were untouched by the fires. Valley View Trail in Pfeiffer Big Sur on the east side of Highway One and the trails on the west side of Highway 1 will be open to the public as well as The Big Sur Lodge, the campground and the swimming holes within the campground.
Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park will re-open the small parking area and the Waterfall Trail from the parking area to the overlook. All other park facilities east of Highway 1 will remain closed. “Ninety percent of our visitation to this park is due to this trail and the beauty it provides with the view of the waterfall and the Pacific Ocean,” said Mat Fuzie, District Superintendent of California State Parks Monterey District. Park facilities west of Highway 1 in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park will be open.
Andrew Molera State Park has served as the fire camp and Incident Command for the Basin Complex Fire and is still serving in that capacity but to a much smaller extent. “We are opening Andrew Molera as the fire response teams leave and allow us to open the park back to the public. The Day Use Parking Area is open as well, as are some of the trails to the beach on the west side of the Big Sur River” stated Fuzie.
“These parks are important to the community and the people of California,” Fuzie said. “We feel the essence of these parks is intact and opening them to the public at this time with the measures we have taken is the best course of action given our mission to provide quality outdoor recreation opportunities for the People of California”.
The State Parks department has issued a temporary closure order for those areas of the parks that are unsafe or off limits due to the impacts of the fire. Failure to obey the closure order is a misdemeanor violation punishable by fine or jail time. “It is very important for people to pay attention to the closure order for their safety and the safety of others, “ Fuzie said. “The firefighters and our employees did a wonderful job protecting the resources, but make no mistake, fire did come through here and there is good reason for these closures.” The trails that are to remain closed were damaged beyond immediate repair with tree hazards and ground stability issues associated with the damage. We expect to open the closed areas as repairs can be made. “
Maps of the closure areas and the posted order will be given to every camper as they enter Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park and will be posted throughout all of the parks in Big Sur.
For information contact State Parks Big Sur Sector office (831) 667-2315

Contact Info
Big Sur Chamber of Commerce
Phone: 831.667.2100

Posted 7/24/2008 03:57 PM

A week ago we noted: Tassajara is evacuated...only 5 people remain there. They are keeping the sprinklers on until the fire gets closer. Keep our neighbors in your thoughts and support them with your ACTIONS!

In BIG SUR: Remember that we are all still on a "soft" closure in Big Sur. Since tourists cannot yet come back to Big Sur, many employees are still without work.

Redwood Grill at Fernwood: Specials till the road opens (maybe Monday???)

To help locals celebrate local residents return to Big Sur, the Redwood Grill is serving Black Angus Burgers (or Buffalo, vegetarian or Turkey) for $7 - with fries. Also, Taquitos or Chicken Fingers for $3.95. Draft beer at the bar is $3.

Esalen Update: Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Word from the fire command this morning is that they are “done setting fires on Highway 1” as of today—meaning that even though fuel still remains in the canyons and along the road in our area (and spot fires still persist up the upper canyons and down toward Dolan Ridge), they are essentially pulling out from the southwest perimeter of the Basin Fire, leaving only a bare number here, in favor of a big push on the northern, more active end to try to keep the fire out of Carmel Valley.

For us at Esalen this means the active danger level has ratcheted down considerably—and yet it’s not all over yet. Our tanks survived another night, with 20 professional crew members working there till around midnight, clearing even further below the tanks and waterline in the area of yesterday’s burn, improving the firebreak under the bridge, and putting out spots in the lower canyon. This is another switch in their strategy, as they have now given up hope of achieving a complete burn in Hot Springs Canyon and right along Highway 1 under these recurrent marine layer conditions. Instead, they are apparently prepared to call a partial victory and move to more urgent concerns to the north (and elsewhere in the state).
(excerpt taken from Gorden Wheelers Blog..visit it at
BIG SUR NOW notes: Fire could happen again, so stay prepared.

We are back on-line to keep you updated: Meanwhile the Coast Weekly has an article about the Curtis family that is worth reading. Note link will be provided under the Curtis family Debate link.

We appreciate all of your posts here and private emails and will continue to give you much needed updates and information.

Check back to this post today often as we will keep changing it. Meanwhile post your updates via comments on this post or under the other topics.

And Please support the Sat Night Fundraiser:
For Anyone : Big Sur Gallery Fire Benefit Location: Big Sur Gallery (Carmel)
Big Sur Gallery:Fire Benefit Saturday, July 12, 2008 3:00 to 8:00, Auction at 5:00
Proceeds to To benefit the Big Sur Fire Relief Fund

Auction of work donated by our local artists.
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Heads up: the fire moves and there's a mandatory evac for the neighbors in Cachagua!


Send good thoughts there! Better yet, call anyone you know, and see if you can help.

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If i'd known you were at Pebble, i'd asked you by later for a quick visit. :)

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Hey Pennie, invite me any time...I will be in Pebble Wed and Thurs. Sat and Sun.