Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lobbying for More Firefighting Resources

Silvia Ramirez, here, previously used to live by Palo Colorado. Thanks for those who previously posted messages about lobbying and letter writing for more help, it got me to thinking, maybe we could do that in that in big numbers quickly and easily through an internet website.

After some research, found the website where it seems we could set it up. I have no experience in this area whatsover, nor am I that computer savvy, would someone who does be willing to set it up? Please call or email me.

I'm thinking the following to include in the petition:

1. Send to Governor Schwarzenegger, Rep. Sam Farr D-Salinas, Sen. Abel Maldonado R- San Luis Obispo and maybe President Bush

2. Get a list from Commander Mike Dietrich and Frank Pinney at the community meeting exactly what else is it that they need to put this fire out and request exactly that on the petition.( Went the 4th of July community meeting and Commander Mike Dietrich was asked if they had enough resources and he said "No".)

3. Plans to mitigate landslides come winter need to be started immediately.
Assessment of the Highway 1 needs to be done as soon as the fire is put out. Bids for contracts to be put ASAP before winter comes. We need to ask for fast track action, come winter it is just too late.

4.Include that by getting the adaquate resources now, we are also benefiting the respiratory health of Californians, especially those in the central valley who have been exposed to unrelenting long term smoke exposure since the Indians fire began 6/08/08. Expenditures spent now to end the Basin fire equates to less expenditures spent later for health care, not be mention the reduction of work productivity due to lung problems.

5. Other related clean up measures after the fire ends.

6. FEMA assistance.

If anyone else has any other ideas of either a better website to use than or what to include, either call me, email me or post under notices here on

To all who want to help, but not sure what to do, to all of us who love Big Sur so dearly, lets ultilize our democracy together to help put an end this fire and begin the process of the rebuilding.


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The Tool Goddess said...

It would be good to know why California fires have been declared Federal Emergencies but not federal disasters as a declaration of disaster would make additional funds and resources available.