Saturday, July 5, 2008

THE CPOA Checks! Thankyou! How they have Helped

For those of you who so generously have donated money to help the evacuees. We thankyou thankyou thankyou! Big Sur Land Trust donated 100k! And people in the community and nearby cities donated another 25k.

I personally am housing evacuees. Contrary to what someone wrote on another blog.
No one is out there "partying" with the checks.

In fact, many of the people who have either received or are waiting to receive checks are wandering around trying to just figure out what to do next with their lives. Limbo isn't fun. Questions ramble through their heads and hearts?
Do I return to Big Sur? Do I move? There are evacuees in my home trying to study for the courses they are still in, in college. Everyone in my house is being good natured with each other....sharing personal stories. Getting to know each other in a different more connected way. When those that do return to Big Sur, return, they will all be able to look each other in the eyes with a certain knowingness that wasn't present before as many people knew each other by sight but not always by names and personal stories.

No, no one I know is out "partying" with the checks...but..they are grateful, and moved that even though for many the amount is little compared to the need. Their spirits are lifted knowing that "people in this world" truly care.

And even if they have to go back and forth to the meetings, one, two, and even three times before they can receive a check. At least they will have tangible proof that
of "generosity."

Please share personally how the check has supported you in your lives.


Anonymous said...

Well, not everyone who filed for a check is getting one.

BigSur_Susan said...

For Anyone : Update from the CPOA on the Fire Relief Fund - 7/9

Type of Notice: Official Notices

To date, we have received donations totaling just over $200,000.

With this money, CPOA has reviewed and approved 569 grants in the amount of $300.00.

Over 400 have been distributed, an additional 100 are ready for distribution, and we are holding 100 more pending verification. Those will be distributed over the next few days at the community meetings between 6 and 7 pm only.

These grants have been distributed to two different categories we have identified: Visitor Serving Commercial Establishment employees and owners
Have totaled approx 360 of the grants.
The other category: Community Serving Businesses and Institutions which include contractors, caretakers,
The library and the Health center have received 65 grants.
4 grants have gone to retired and disabled community members.

With over 200,000 in donations received, and grants now totaling 170,000….we have approximately 30,000 remaining in the fund to cover the 100 applications awaiting verification.

Going forward, we will continue to accept applications, but are awaiting additional donations before we will be able to consider the administering of more grants at this time.

Contact Info
Mike Gilsen, CPOA

Anonymous said...

Anon--I hear you.I filed my paperwork as instructed, was told I was eligible and when to come pick up a check and then was fed some line of bull from some CPOA woman who clearly didn't know what she was talking about. It's breaks myheart to be part of a community that seems unable to support its own like this -- or chooses to pick and choose who it thinks is ok to help. $300 would have helped a lot w/the immediate setbacks. Ypu can be sure that I am going to contact the people who have donated money and give them an eearful on the situation.