Thursday, July 10, 2008

Need help to restore our home

REAL HELP NEEDED for Clean up and Restoration for those affected by the Fires. Send your emails for support to, we will post them for you. We know that it is often tough to ask for and even receive help. Just remember that those who give also receive and the relationships that we are all forging right now...are so meaningful. In times of disaster...the best comes out of us as well as the worst...LETS LET OUR BESTEST BEST SHINE!!! You can ALWAYS use the comment section to post your need or willingness to help.


for Anyone : need help to restore our home

Location: Big Sur, Burns Creek

Type of Work: Specific

We are so grateful that our small house, which my husband Perry built himself and defended for so many days. It survived the wildfires and even the back fires, moving right though our canyon (Burns Creek)and all around the cabin.
Now we are looking at what it takes to make it livable again for us and our 10 year old son, and it seems overwhelming. Retaining walls are down, the complete waterline needs to be replaced all the way to the tanks and to the source and the cabin needs to be washed outside and in after three flame repellant foam treatments. We are temporarily out of work at Esalen, and I am reaching out to my bigger community for help. We live close to the Esalen Insitute, about one hour south of Carmel. Would you volunteer a few hours to help? Work could be help with the waterline or (once we have water) with removing the repellant, cleaning garden furniture and appliances, which were left outside and is full of ash or helping with moving back in.
It would be such a support for our family not having to do everything alone.
Much love,

ps we also need to borrow a small generator that can be carried up a canyon-for a few days.
Contact Info:

Johanna and Perry Holloman
Phone: 831-224-3864

Posted 7/10/2008 02:12 PM

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BigSur_Susan said...

Mary from South Coast called to offer help with clean-up and has items to donate. Contact us at
to coordinate. 831-238-6111