Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday Conditions as reported by different locations

I just called folks who are staying at home, and learned that conditions are greatly improved today. The fire, due to the good weather and back fires, is very much controled in the principal population area from Loma Vista to Molera. Folks sound positive.

South Coast-Lucia
We're fine. Have our satellite internet to be connected. We topped off our fuel at the beginning of the month so we're good for three months. We're just trying to figure out from one moment to the next whether or not we are in a soft or hard closure. Hard to understand why one area would be closed 150 ft from fire and others are closed for many miles. We send people to the the C.V. Community Meetings because it doesn't make much sense to drive 150 miles to get to it.
IF there's anything I know, it's that in 40 years...people down here just plain don't leave their properties. What we know is that if there is a fire...the firefighters will first have to secure the perimeter. The last priority is our homes, therefore, we have to take care of ourselves.

If you have a report...please just use the comment section to add your information.

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Anonymous said...

BeBe wehmeier wrote:
Does anyone know what's happening now on the south coast past Dolan? People in Lucia and the Hermitage are still evacuated?? Please let us know.

BeBe, the Brothers at the Hermitage are still evacuated. There is a core of approx 6 left to maintain the property. People in Lucia are on a soft-closure at this point.