Tuesday, July 8, 2008

NEEDS....Post your need/or Wish to Donate/Volunteer Here: Updated Thurs. 2pm

We still are housing evacuees, mostly now from Esalen who can't get back in. We rented another home short term but need a donation of:
1. TWIN BEDS so that we can accomodate people. We need TWO (2) twin beds. Thanks to an anonymous donor we only now need two twin beds.
I know beggars can't be choosers but please only donate stain free, rip free, pet hair and dander free mattresses and springs. Having Sheets and Blankets and newer pillows would also help. We will pick them up.

2. We need a decent, not going to break down tommorrow WASHER AND DRYER for the new evacuee location. Again, We will pick them up. <===HOORAY! WE have a washer, but still need a dryer.

3. The new evacuee house needs painting inside...we fondly call it the Partridge Family House...you will understand when you see the wallpaper!!!! The Comcast guy said they didn't know whether they liked zebra prints or red daisies...so they combined both! Anyone available to help paint? It also needs some clean up: with weedwacker and leaf blower outside.<==Leaf Cleanup has happenned. Thankyou. But that whacky wallpaper is still glaring at us. Things are starting to shape up.

4. Gas Cards would also be helpful for those running around getting things done and picking up donations.

5. A nice dining room table with chairs would be great also. We are currently using a large drum with a piece of glass on top. Yes, it's creative but only fits 4 people around it.<==We still need a dining room table and chairs.

6. An Outdoor table with umbrella with chairs for the backyard. WE are using an ugly card table at present. <==We painted the ugly card table but could use some lounge chairs....being an evacuee is hard work and unsettling...and we can't all stay in the house at the same time.

7. Garbage Cans for each bedroom and kitchen. Pots to boil water in or cook up grub would be great. Thanks to Susan B. we have two frying pans.

8. A TV: We have a very small TV but it's so small (8 in x 5) that you almost can't see it. A Used larger TV would be great.

NOTE we asked for and received: A Wireless Router: <==THANKS TO SYLVIA of Carmel Valley!

9. LARGE CHAIR for LR: A nice large chair E-Z chair for the living room is needing it The person who donated it temporarily is able to get back into Big Sur today so they need it back. Thanks Jim, we all loved sitting in it! He also needs his vacumn cleaner back...so if anyone has a working one that would make us clean freaks happy.

7. DONATE $: If you don't have the above items but wish to help by making a donation, you can do that using PAYPAL if you have a Paypal account. The Paypal acct that you would send the money to is: Harpist4you@cs.com Please note in the information box what you want your donation to be used for. Thankyou SO SO MUCH!
We can't do it without all of you.

E-mail: Harpist4you@cs.com or Call 1-831-899-Susan (7872)
1. HEY SOUTH COASTERS!!! We have a qualified volunteer who is willing to pick up Mail in BS and Monterey as well as bring in other supplies. Her time is free, you pay for the gas..but it would be a great idea for all South Coasters who can't easily get to Monterey to have one person designated to bring you your mail and other supplies twice per week. You would need to arrange with Martin at the Post Office to give permission to give her the mail.
Call my daughter Ariana: at 720-480-7157 to coordinate.

2. Exp. Vol. Firefighter from MD, looking to help
Location: Anywhere

Type of Work: Heavy Duty
I'm a military spouse on Ft. Ord, but am originally from MD and volunteered with my local VFD for over 6 years before moving out here. I have experience with wildland fires, structural fires and mechanical fires as well as all manner of rescue (certified Rescue Technician). My medical certs have lapsed, but I was certified up to EMT-IV.
I want to help! Either assisting civilians pick up and move or go home, assist in moving animals or even go to the fireline with an Indian Tank on my back.

Contact Info: Stephanie
Phone: 831-920-7274
Email: haligangirl@yahoo.com
To post your wish to donate or your need...use the comment section. Thankyou!


Anonymous said...

I have a Linksys Wireless - G Broadband Router to donate. Please e-mail me @ misssylviao@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

I am gathering household goods, like kitchen needs and dishes. Will contact you later with exact items so you can let those who need them. We will drop them off when we hear back to wherever they need.

fierceart said...

Try monterey freecycle. You can post a Wanted ad.

I will also see what we can donate!
wendy c.