Tuesday, July 8, 2008

KQED Radio Interviews of Various Big Sur Folk

Tue, Jul 8, 2008 -- 9:00 AM
Big Sur Interviews.....
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As wildfires continue to threaten Big Sur, we take a look at the rich history and culture of that coastal community. We also talk with residents about the impact the fire is having on their community.
Host: Michael Krasny
Gordon Wheeler, president and CEO of The Esalen Institute, founded in 1962 as an alternative educational center
Kirk Gafill, general manager of Nepenthe and head of the Big Sur Chamber of Commerce
Magnus Toren, executive director of the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur
Paul VanGuerwin, battalion chief for Cal Fire
Steven Harper, wilderness guide, naturalist and psychologist
Sula Nichols, a Big Sur artist whose house burned in the wildfire


Anonymous said...

I have sat here in tears after listening and looking at that picture. Thank you for the entry.

Unknown said...

The Big Sur area may look like a moonscape now but wait until Spring. Henry Coe State Park looked like that right after its 50,00 acre fire last year. But this Spring, there were masses of beautiful native flowers everywhere in the burned area. Some of the flowere hadn't been seen in years. Everything was growing furiously and green was everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I also remember the horrible Marble Cone fire and suceeding fires that came later. You are right, it will grow back. It just hurts right now.