Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Short Term Rentals and Long Term Rentals in Big Sur

Short Term Rentals and Long Term Rentals in Big Sur.
Posted by Scott Parker
Although I know there have been short term rentals that have displaced 'long term rentals', I wonder what the actual number is. I doubt there are many.

Many short term rentals don't even have cooking facilities or enough square footage to make a comfortable dwelling for any length of time. Someone, I believe, is actually trying to put a number on that issue.

The other thing that makes me uncomfortable, is that I, as a landlord/short term rental person, should feel an obligation to rent to workers to improve business owners' efficiency or bottom line. I know it's selfish but my bottom line is more important to me than Nepenthe's, Post Ranch or Ventana's.

Frankly, for my self and my property, I find that the visitor's tend to be more respectful and less impact on my place than renter's (I have rented to numerous people long term in the past). And when there are no visitors we relish having the place to ourselves without having to serve anyone. And finally, I don't like the 'work force housing' moniker. It sounds a little too Hitleresque for me.

Why not just make an effort to provide just plain old housing for anyone seeking it. Housing is for people not just workers. I know the businesses need more housing for their workers but maybe just plain people who are artists, writers, people who work in town, or, how about someone who loves Big Sur and just wants to live here? I don't feel businesses or their proxies should be dictating the overall tenor of the community. The businesses are an important aspect of the community but Big Sur, to me at least, is not the sum of all the businesses as some might want to believe. I am not slamming the business community as I have had my own businesses. Just my 2 cents.


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Short-term rentals and long-term problems?

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