Sunday, May 12, 2013

Big Sur Resident favors Short Term Residential Rental Legitimatization

To Monterey County Officials,
 I have lived in Big Sur for over 40 years.  I participated in the formation of the Big Sur Land Use Plan during the 1980's, and I would like to comment on the advent of short term rentals (STR).  

Principal to the Coastal Act and subsequently, our LUP, is the experience of the visitor to this Coast.  I have always felt that the visitor experience could be enhanced from the choices of staying in a resort or camping.  
Short term residential rentals has filled that need, and is doing so at minimal impact to our resources.  These experiences offer the visitor unique perspectives as to manifold beauty of the coast, as well as enlightening them to the elbow grease required to maintain a residence on this wild and lonely coast.

I do not engage in short term rentals at this point, but I am very much in favor of this process continuing, and welcome my participating neighbors to continue this activity.  

I hope that you feel as I do, and I trust that you will find a way to facilitate the legitimacy of STR's.  

Thanks, and best wishes,
 Lloyd Jones

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